Aspiring Leaders’ Seminar


18 May 2018 | 9.00am to 4.00pm


InterContinental Hotel | 2 Grey Street, Wellington

Event details: 

8.30 am

Arrival tea and coffee


9.00 am

Welcome and introductions

Delegates are invited to introduce themselves and share their expectations and goals for the day. Delegates are also invited to nominate a topic/issue they would like to see covered during the facilitated Open Forum at the end of the day.

Deborah James 
Executive Director 
Independent Schools of New Zealand


The Principal’s role in developing staff capacity related to teaching and learning in the 21st century

This presentation will consider strategies effective leaders use to build leadership capacity in others. Recent research exploring Principals' learning experiences and leadership approaches will be drawn on and participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own leadership conceptualisations and experiences.  

Dr Kate Thornton
Senior Lecturer
School of Education
Victoria University of Wellington


Morning Tea



Recruiting a Head/Principal: what is the recruiter looking for? Through popular demand we have an external recruitment firm presenting on this crucial aspect of applying for a Head/Principal role. 

Nicholas Buck 
Senior Consultant 


Transitioning to the role of Head/Principal 

This session will explore the change management process required to successfully transition into the role of Head/Principal.

Jayne-Ann Young 
Queen Margaret College





Principal Appraisal/Performance Review: What does it look like? How might your performance be measured? Sandra will explore the performance review process used in Head/Principal appraisals. She will also elaborate on the key components of leadership in a Principal’s role and how each might be measured.

Dr Sandra Hastie 
Rangi Ruru Girls’ School


Are you ready? 

Three windows have been smashed over the weekend, a pupil is in the sickbay with a compound fracture and the office staff say it is too gruesome to deal with, an agitated father has turned up unannounced demanding to see you, your Board Chair is due for a meeting any minute, the media are hounding you regarding a negative story and want a comment before they go to print in one hour and a staff member has come to you in tears regarding a personal matter. And it's only 8:15am at the start of a week...coming up in the middle of lunchtime is one of the world's worst earthquakes. Not quite how your diary had you believe your day was going to play out. Schools are complex organisations with multiple expected and unexpected pathways, challenges, risks and opportunities put in front of Principals/Heads each and every day. The view from the classroom or middle management could be that leading a school is long lunches, golf and the conference circuit, however the reality is that as you aspire for one of these roles you need to have your eyes wide open to the realities of the demands, stresses and strains. 

Scott has been a Principal for close to half of his 46 years and in this session he will cover the complexities of the role and meeting the expectations of the different stakeholders as you, with agility, implement, live and breathe strategy, vision and values across your school community. 

It's fun, fulfilling, inspiring and motivating. Are you ready?

Scott Thelning 
The Cathedral Grammar School


Open Forum


4.00 pm

Close and afternoon tea


Terms and conditions: 

All cancellations will incur a $50 cancellation fee.

Price: $300.00