Medbury School shows 'Strength for South Sudan'

Boys from Medbury School in Christchurch moved 118,082kg of rice and water containers 40 metres in one day to raise funds for World Vision’s 40 Hour Famine last Friday (8 June), far exceeding their target weight of 40,000kgs.

The ‘Strength for Sudan’ whole school event saw boys carry the rice and water to gain an insight of what it can be like for refugees leaving war torn South Sudan.

In 2017, Medbury School raised $22,818.10 during their ‘Stroll for Syria’ event to support the Famine, the second highest amount raised by a group in the South Island.

This year, the boys were sponsored by per kilogram moved, total kilograms moved, or by a lump sum amount. All rice and water was donated to the Salvation Army and Christchurch City Mission.

Amos Pilgrim, Medbury’s Head of Community Service, together with the support of the student Head of Community Service, Sam Moorhead, and Year 8 House Leaders Oliver Corbett, George Brakenridge, Jack McKenzie and Art Aitken, ran the event for all boys from Years 1 to 8 and their teachers. 


The money raised will go towards supporting the refugee children of South Sudan and their families with nutritious food, clean water, safe toilets, education, a place to live and a place to play in child-friendly spaces. The funds also go towards emergency response items such as water and essential food and non-food items. World Vision builds resilience and self-reliance through a strategy of helping communities establish agriculture, learn vocational skills and access credit to establish small businesses.


Monday, June 11, 2018