Scots College to open its roll to girls in 2020

Wellington's Scots College has announced that it will start enrolling girls in the senior school from 2020. At first, 60 year 11 and 12 female students will join the senior school and graduate as the first mixed-sex group from 2021. The integration will expand each year to a total of 150 girls by 2022.

The move aims to better prepare students for a mixed-sex environment and "rapidly changing workforce" after graduation, Scots College headmaster Graeme Yule​ said.

Yule added that the mixed roll would teach young men and women to work "collaboratively" in their final years, and would allow the school to broaden its student market – particularly internationally.

The relatively slow integration of female students will give the school time to develop the grounds and resources, he said.

"Co-education at the senior level is an important step... it gives students a healthy, positive self-image to prepare them for university and entering the workforce."

Research included looking at similar changes made by Hamilton's St Paul's Collegiate School and King's College in Auckland, as well as surveys and focus groups.

Scots will retain single-sex education for boys in its preparatory and middle schools, from years 1 to 10 because "the evidence supports the benefits of a single-sex education for those ages".

"This mixed model will provide the best education experience possible to all age groups."

Story reprinted courtesy of Jessica Long,

Tuesday, January 30, 2018