St Peter’s, Cambridge breaks new ground in school wellbeing programme

The wellbeing of youths has never been more challenging, and St Peter’s, Cambridge is one of the very first schools in New Zealand to launch a “wellbeing Netflix” to help support parents and their families.

SchoolTV is an internationally celebrated wellbeing platform featuring Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg and leading experts from New Zealand and Australia. It provides practical strategies from credible sources about managing modern-day issues and the many challenges affecting young people.

St Peter’s is currently the only Waikato school to offer this service (the other three schools being in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch).

SchoolTV is a subscription-based service that covers topics such as social media and digital reputation, drug and alcohol use, body image, internet addiction, sleep deprivation, cyberbullying and many more.

Associate Principal Brendan Kelly is leading the new initiative.

“Schools need to be proactive in supporting families instead of waiting until something happens. We need to ensure we have a shared approach and create a partnership between school and parents and their children,” he said.

The service is already reaching over 200,000 families in Australia.

“It’s easy to search the internet for advice but it’s not so easy to find quality material from legitimate sources. SchoolTV is quality assured and is in line with the best practices in wellbeing.”

The videos and articles are divided into series and updated regularly. Special reports on various subjects, such as exam stress and the programme 13 Reasons Why are also uploaded.  Each topic is covered by specialists in the field and interviews with these professionals are also available on the website.

“SchoolTV draws most of its content from major health organisations and government departments in Australia and New Zealand, so we can guarantee it is relevant to students studying in our country,” said Brendan.

This launch of SchoolTV ties in with the announcement of a new wellbeing team for the school. St Peter’s is the first school in New Zealand to employ a full-time Director of Wellbeing, Dr. Micheal Brown. 

Monday, January 28, 2019