ISNZ Honours Awards 2017


The ISNZ Honours awards aim to inspire members through recognition and celebration of innovation and excellence so that our schools remain at the forefront of educational best practice and achievement outcomes.

A wide range of roles contribute to the success of independent schools, and the ISNZ Honours awards are inclusive of the diversity of positions held by staff at ISNZ Member Schools:

  • Early Learning
  • Boarding staff
  • Pastoral care /Deans / Counsellors
  • Sports / Performing Arts
  • Leadership roles / Senior Managers
  • Support and Administration
  • Education Outside the Classroom
  • Development / Alumni/Fund Raising
  • Teaching / Professional Development
  • Finance
  • Property


  • Demonstrate an outstanding commitment and dedication to their students (not exclusively in classroom settings) – in independent early childhood education, primary school, middle school and secondary school.
  • Not be the Head or Principal of the School who reports to the Board
  • Have 5 years of service within an ISNZ member school
  • Be a role model for students and peers to enhance the values of independent schooling.
  • Be full or part-time employees or have given service over many years to the School
  • Be for an individual (entries about group, team or partnerships are not eligible)
  • A maximum of 10 awards will be granted in any given year and a maximum of two from any one school.
  • Previous winners may not be re-nominated for the same category of award.

These awards will recognize nominees:

Who demonstrate outstanding leadership in promoting effective learning.

Who inspire students, staff and the school community to strive for even greater learning outcomes.

Who demonstrate engagement with the whole school community in working towards the generation of a culture of inclusion, high expectations and success.

Whose achievement is demonstrated by some or all of the following:

  • Innovation and adaptation
  • Strategic resource management
  • Productive working relationships
  • Educational strategic thinking
  • Self-reflection and development
  • Delivery of quality learning outcomes for students
  • Contribute to national or international educational outcomes

Application guidelines

The selection committee recommend that time is spent reflecting on the circumstances and impact the nominee has made in their school, including:

  • What was the presenting opportunity or challenge of for the nominee.
  • How the nominee has tailored teaching practices and/or support services for students in their setting.
  • The evidence and data for the nominee that supports their success in their setting.
  • The improvement the nominee has achieved in outcomes for students.
  • Specific comment on the nominee’s abilities in relation to the above criteria by the Head and/or colleagues(s).
  • At least two referees as appropriate but not more than three. These may be from parents, colleagues, students, board, school community or school Head.

Application Process

The application process for selecting Award winners is outlined below. This should be followed in all cases.

The selection committee will be:

ISNZ Executive Director

ISNZ Chair

AHIS Chair

Please note that nominations are received on a strictly confidential basis. The intended recipient should not be made aware that they are being nominated; they will be advised only and if/when he/she has won an award. Any evidence or other materials, such as letters of support should be obtained from outside the school faculty.

Nominations for 2018 will open in November 2017 and close on March 2018.